Pastor Rev. Trenton Prieshoff

Letter from the Pastor

Hello, everyone!

Thank you for your warm welcomes to your beautiful churches! Besides being

new to the church, I am new to the conference and new to the state as well!

I moved from northern Indiana to Maryland in the last week of June to be with

my new wife, Daniella. We just got married on April 7 of this year! We met online

in March 2017 and right away, I knew this was the wife God had in store for me

and I began making plans to transfer my credentials as a pastor here. We had a

long-distance relationship throughout our dating, our engagement, and even

for the first 3 months of our marriage!

God called me into ministry in 2004, before my senior year of high school,

but the story of my calling really begins after that. There was an atheist

girl who had always given me a hard time. One day, I overheard her say “I

have always wanted to know more about what the Bible says, but I can’t

find anyone to talk with me about it without preaching at me.”

That was when I first began to realize that evangelism isn’t something you

do because you are supposed to… it’s something you do because people are

longing to know God.

Several years later, I worked in a sports bar and a couple men sat me

down and told me, “I have always been faithful to my wife, I love my

kids, I work hard… but when I look at the way you live, I think there must be

something more.”

We make Christianity about so many things, but above all… Christianity

offers a compelling way of life because of the great love of God. And that

really shapes the direction of my ministry and preaching… To recognize

people who are outside looking in on a relationship with Jesus Christ and

make God known to them in a way that makes sense.

Pastor Trent


Mark Arrington : Staff Parish Relations Committee Representative

Mark Arrington

Staff Parish Relations Committee Representative